Letterpad Answers Levels 61-80

Letterpad Answers Levels 61-80.Letterpad gives you 9 letters. Your task? Find the hidden words relating to the puzzle topic!Work your way through over 200 puzzles.Create and share your own puzzles to stump your friends.New community made puzzles added regularly.Apple Watch support lets you play right on your wrist!

Letterpad Answers Levels 61-80:

Level 61 NINJA sneak, smoke, fast, mask, foe
Level 62 VIKING axe, hall, hull, sea, skull, ale
Level 63 WITCHCRAFT spell, brew, webs, herbs
Level 64 CAMPING tent, tree, beans, bear, eat, star, ants, bats
Level 65 HONEY bee, comb, tea, babe
Level 66 CAT paw, pet, purr, fur, eat, water, fat, rat
Level 67 DOG bark, bone, run, fur
Level 68 CALENDAR year, week, day, may, weekday, mark, wed, mar
Level 69 GARDEN veg, gate, tree, grow, row, water, eat, rot, tea
Level 70 SLEEP bed, snore, snug, sound, robe, nod
Level 71 ASTRONAUT float, sun, aloft, solar, lunar, far, star
Level 72 FISHING lure, worm, lake, row, meal, oar
Level 73 BASEBALL strike, safe, bat, era, fast, rbi, first, base, tie, ab
Level 74 SUPERBOWL snack, sack, td, tv, ad, ran, dvr, star
Level 75 DINNER course, set, soup, roast, capers, sauce, cut, catsup, pot, pour, tacos, port, cater, pesto, seat, eat, peas
Level 76 ROAD TRIP bored, road, break, car, drove, broke, rv
Level 77 HYGIENE wash, bath, bathe, brush, tub, water, washtub, sweat, warts, ears, swab, tush
Level 78 SHOES heel, sole, shoelace, sale, toe, closet, cleat
Level 79 AUTUMN fall, leaf, chill, chai, fire, hail, ale
Level 80 SUMMER bbq, beach, heat, hat, ac, babe, hot

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