Letterpad Answers Levels 41-60

Letterpad Answers Levels 41-60.Letterpad gives you 9 letters. Your task? Find the hidden words relating to the puzzle topic!Work your way through over 200 puzzles.Create and share your own puzzles to stump your friends.New community made puzzles added regularly.Apple Watch support lets you play right on your wrist!

Letterpad Answers Levels 41-60:

Level 41 CARS shift, start, seat, tires, fast, air, first, heat
Level 42 BOOKS paper, page, read, word
Level 43 BURGERS meat, bun, eat, bacon
Level 44 MINING dig, dark, gem, dirt, grit, grime, gear, dim
Level 45 BLUE mood, sky, moon, man, monday, sad
Level 47 ALIENS ufo, abduct, lab
Level 48 NIGHT star, dark, owl, rat
Level 49 GREEN horn, roof, moss, moor, room
Level 50 BREAKFAST salt, egg, toast, latte, tea, taste, eat, oats
Level 51 FASHION cloth, color, cut, clothe, eco, cool, cute, hot, hue, touch
Level 52 BATHTIME soap, suds, soak, duck
Level 53 COOKIE jar, sugar, bake
Level 54 JAIL cons, bars, bird, arson, narc, radio, basin, bonds, drab, bad, iron, raid, rob, sad, sob
Level 55 COFFEE dark, brew, bean, brown, work, wake, dawn, weak, brand, break
Level 56 CHOCOLATE cocoa, bar, dark
Level 57 SWEET heart, sugar, tart, taste, treat, eat
Level 58 SNOW flake, ball, man, bank, fall
Level 59 LAKE boat, house, shore, bathe, tube
Level 60 PIRATES ship, shot, isle, tale, hostile, pistol, topsail, sail, lash, steal, spit, hoist, oath, ale, hat, hilt, salt, sea

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