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Emoji Quiz Answers.5,000,000+ downloads worldwide! Emoji Quiz is finally available in English
The idea is simple: you’ll be shown a series of emojis and just have to guess what they represent. Sounds easy, but answers range from films, places and song titles to animals, brands, quotes – and anything in between. How far can you get?

Welcome to Emoji Quiz Answers! Emoji Quiz is trivia game developed by Mangoo Games, available for free on iOS. Tap on the icon below to download the game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The game tests your skills of identifying emojis and recognizing their meaning. Each level has a set of emojis between two and six along with hints that indicates the category of the question. The answer can be an animal, book, brand, celebrity, event, expression, movie, word etc. If you stuck with the game find the answer for the question on this website. Please note that the ordering of the answers might differ from yours, so navigate through the site to find the one you are looking for.

Below you will also find the answers and cheats for this game:
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