Word Academy Deutsch Lösung

Word Academy Deutsch Lösung.Um das jeweilige Lösungswort einfacher finden zu können solltet ihr euch an den vorgegebenen Buchstabenfeldern unterhalb der Buchstaben orientieren. Mit aufsteigendem Level-Paket werden nicht nur mehr Buchstaben angezeigt sondern auch in jedem Level mehr Lösungswörter gesucht. Die Reihenfolge kann hierbei entscheidend sein, da man bei falscher Reihenfolge bestimmte Buchstaben nicht mehr miteinander verbinden kann.Word Academy Antworten

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Word Academy Français Solution

Word Academy Français Solution
.Trouvez tous les mots et décrochez le titre Word Academy !Entrez dans la Word Academy, et débloquez des centaines de grilles en trouvant les mots cachés, regroupés autour d’un même thème.Dans
ce poste, vous trouverez les solutions pour “Word Academy” en française. Le jeu est disponible en plusieurs langues. L’application a été développée par SCIMOB et est disponible pour Android et iOS.Word Academy Solution

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Logo Quiz Canadian Brands Answers

Logo Quiz Canadian Brands Answers.The popular logo game has finally made it to Canada, and features hundreds of your favorite Canadian brands.IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN.The concept of this great Canadian quiz off is simple. You’ll be shown an incomplete logo of a brand, such as Macs or Mc Cain, and you must guess what it represents. Come and have a go if you think you’re ‘ard enough!
YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’VE BEEN MANGOO’D.Whether you’re on the train, in a boring meeting, or diving for pearls in the Indian Ocean, our addictive new game will test your memory wherever you are!

Logo Quiz Canadian Brands Answers 

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1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers
.Look at the picture for a split second and try to answer the question. Instead of 4 pics, you will see only one, but just for a moment. Develop your visual memory with this addictive game! Some puzzles are easy, some will require concentration.

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers:

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 1:
Level 1-1: Two
Level 1-2: Anchor
Level 1-3: Rake
Level 1-4: Two
Level 1-5: Bag
Level 1-6: Three
Level 1-7: Lemon
Level 1-8: Water
Level 1-9: Orange
Level 1-10: Guitar
Level 1-11: Butterfly
Level 1-12: Five
Level 1-13: Watermelon
Level 1-14: Microphone
Level 1-15: Elephant
Level 1-16: Angel
Level 1-17: Red
Level 1-18: Five
Level 1-19: Green
Level 1-20: Pastry

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 2:
Level 2-1: Heart
Level 2-2: Door Knocker
Level 2-3: Two
Level 2-4: Tooth
Level 2-5: Earphones
Level 2-6: Violin
Level 2-7: Red
Level 2-8: Physalis
Level 2-9: 13
Level 2-10: Two
Level 2-11: Penguin
Level 2-12: Bird
Level 2-13: Spear
Level 2-14: Canon
Level 2-15: Mask
Level 2-16: Life Belt
Level 2-17: Six
Level 2-18: Nothing
Level 2-19: Silver
Level 2-20: Christmas

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 3:
Level 3-1: Blue
Level 3-2: Two
Level 3-3: Socks
Level 3-4: Monkey
Level 3-5: Burgundy
Level 3-6: Three
Level 3-7: Basil
Level 3-8: Puzzle Pieces
Level 3-9: Brown
Level 3-10: Shadow
Level 3-11: White
Level 3-12: Piglet
Level 3-13: Reflection
Level 3-14: Sharpener
Level 3-15: Clothes
Level 3-16: Turtle
Level 3-17: One
Level 3-18: Triangle
Level 3-19: Water
Level 3-20: Daisies

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 4:
Level 4-1: Lasers
Level 4-2: Balloon
Level 4-3: Lens
Level 4-4: Blue
Level 4-5: Bowls
Level 4-6: Trumpet
Level 4-7: Screws
Level 4-8: Buoy
Level 4-9: Clothespin
Level 4-10: Popcorn
Level 4-11: Robe
Level 4-12: None
Level 4-13: New York
Level 4-14: Coffee Grinder
Level 4-15: Costume
Level 4-16: Crab
Level 4-17: Blue
Level 4-18: Cake
Level 4-19: India
Level 4-20: Sea Anemone

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 5:
Level 5-1: Chocolate
Level 5-2: Grasshopper
Level 5-3: Razor
Level 5-4: Spaghetti
Level 5-5: Plane
Level 5-6: Copenhagen
Level 5-7: England
Level 5-8: Dog
Level 5-9: 83
Level 5-10: Sombrero
Level 5-11: Flamingo
Level 5-12: Moss
Level 5-13: Otter
Level 5-14: Paris
Level 5-15: Cloves
Level 5-16: Iron
Level 5-17: Guinea Pig
Level 5-18:Truck
Level 5-19: Seal
Level 5-20: Five

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 6:
Level 6-1: 152
Level 6-2: One
Level 6-3: India
Level 6-4: Biplane
Level 6-5: Red
Level 6-6: Amphoras
Level 6-7: Orange
Level 6-8: United Kingdom
Level 6-9: Het 072
Level 6-10: Canada
Level 6-11: Box
Level 6-12: Dip Pens
Level 6-13: Mushroom
Level 6-14: United States
Level 6-15: Rose Hips
Level 6-16: Blue
Level 6-17: Russia
Level 6-18: Cameras
Level 6-19: Brazil
Level 6-20: Orange

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 7:
Level 7-1: Green
Level 7-2: Ostriches
Level 7-3: Toilet
Level 7-4: Bee
Level 7-5: Paris
Level 7-6: Feather
Level 7-7: Greece
Level 7-8: Gong
Level 7-9: Tree
Level 7-10: Brown
Level 7-11: Italy
Level 7-12: Piano
Level 7-13: 26
Level 7-14: Mailboxes
Level 7-15: Eyelashes
Level 7-16: Turkey
Level 7-17: Insect
Level 7-18: Washington
Level 7-19: Meerkat
Level 7-20: Door

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 8:
Level 8-1: Gold
Level 8-2: Flute
Level 8-3: Altitude
Level 8-4: Cello
Level 8-5: Kite
Level 8-6: Salt
Level 8-7: Mandolin
Level 8-8: Leaves
Level 8-9: Mirror
Level 8-10: Roses
Level 8-11: One
Level 8-12: Chick
Level 8-13: Canoe
Level 8-14: Lizard
Level 8-15: Cart
Level 8-16: Germany
Level 8-17: Dallas
Level 8-18: Fishing Rod
Level 8-19: 11
Level 8-20: One

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 9:
Level 9-1: Garden Hose
Level 9-2: Currants
Level 9-3: Icicle
Level 9-4: Parrot
Level 9-5: Snake
Level 9-6: Mailbox
Level 9-7: Potatoes
Level 9-8: Peacock
Level 9-9: Fennel
Level 9-10: Pegasus
Level 9-11: Leaves
Level 9-12: Love
Level 9-13: Hedgehog
Level 9-14: Bouquet
Level 9-15: Ginger
Level 9-16: Foot
Level 9-17: Two
Level 9-18: Peephole
Level 9-19: Golden
Level 9-20: Sloth

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 10:
Level 10-1: Pomegranate
Level 10-2: Cross
Level 10-3: Colorant
Level 10-4: 60
Level 10-5: Needle
Level 10-6: Gargoyle
Level 10-7: Blue
Level 10-8: Xylophone
Level 10-9: Gustave Eiffel
Level 10-10: Snake
Level 10-11: Moth
Level 10-12: Thanks
Level 10-13: England
Level 10-14: Greece
Level 10-15: Crab
Level 10-16: Asparagus
Level 10-17: Kiwano
Level 10-18: Onions
Level 10-19: Coconuts
Level 10-20: 20

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 11:
Level 11-1: Paris
Level 11-2: Beach Chairs
Level 11-3: Elephant
Level 11-4: Toad
Level 11-5: Dove
Level 11-6: Hammock
Level 11-7: Cicada
Level 11-8: Closed
Level 11-9: Salak
Level 11-10: Carpet
Level 11-11: Tarantula
Level 11-12: Carriage
Level 11-13: Metallophone
Level 11-14: 23
Level 11-15: Mushrooms
Level 11-16: Epitaph
Level 11-17: Computer
Level 11-18: Apples
Level 11-19: Mount Fuji
Level 11-20: Hermit Crab

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 12:
Level 12-1: Coffee Beans
Level 12-2: For Ever
Level 12-3: Speed Limit
Level 12-4: Pastry
Level 12-5: Strings
Level 12-6: Computer
Level 12-7: Lettuce
Level 12-8: Turtle
Level 12-9: Macaron
Level 12-10: Headphones
Level 12-11: Tree Trunk
Level 12-12: Watch
Level 12-13: Bar
Level 12-14: Melon
Level 12-15: Sunset
Level 12-16: Toys
Level 12-17: Weaving
Level 12-18: Bridge
Level 12-19: Magnetic Tape
Level 12-20: Boat

1 Glimpse 1 Word Answers Level 13:
Level 13-1: Holiday
Level 13-2: Eyeball
Level 13-3: Chicago
Level 13-4: Tomato
Level 13-5: Palm
Level 13-6: Date
Level 13-7: Beer
Level 13-8: Oil Bottle
Level 13-9: Crane
Level 13-10: Peace
Level 13-11: Post
Level 13-12: Rabbit
Level 13-13: Caterpillar
Level 13-14: Seashell
Level 13-15: Bear
Level 13-16: Cars
Level 13-17: Six
Level 13-18: Marker
Level 13-19: Leaves
Level 13-20: Lighter


1 Pic 1 Clue Answers

1 Pic 1 Clue Answers.Find words using photos as clues. New way to play word search!Each photo contains a clue. Tap the picture to zoom in for a closer look, and then find the word that is in any way related to the photo. Some answers are straightforward, some are quite tricky. Enjoy this addictive brainteaser! Each level contains 20 question and some question are easy to guess but you will found difficult word in each level, to solve those difficult word you can use this answers and continue play higher level. Below you will find the answers for 1 Clue Pic 1.

Below you will also find the answers and cheats for this game:
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Bible Trivia Answers

Bible Trivia Answers.Test your Bible knowledge by guessing the word… with all clues created from Bible verses! Don’t just take our word for it. More than 100,000 people have played the game!See what others have said!”Loved it Great for the whole family.We play when we are traveling in the car. Its great to see the family so excited and involved. Thanks for a great trivia game!I love love this. What a fun way to test and learn the bible. If u don’t know a passage, it shows it to you right then. It also encourages you to find the answers to questions yourself by providing hints.. Awesome game! REALLY!”Below you will find the answers for Bible Trivia.


Bible Trivia Answers:

Level 1 Question: He Was The First Fisherman To Come To Christ
Answer: Peter
Level 2 Question: The Last Book Of The New Testament
Answer: Revelation
Level 3 Question: Guess The Scene
Answer: Goliath
Level 4 Question: Jesus Said, Ask And It Will Be Given To You; Seek And You Will Find; _____ And It Will Be Opened To You.
Answer: Knock
Level 5 Question: Audio
Answer: Perish
Level 6 Question: Audio
Answer: Wine
Level 7 Question: Audio
Answer: Grace
Level 8 Question: Jesus Said, For What Will It Profit A Man If He Gains The Whole _____ And Forfeits His Soul? Or What Shall A Man Give In Return For His Soul?
Answer: World
Level 9 Question: In This Book One Would Find A Man Swallowed By A Fish
Answer: Jonah
Level 10 Question: He Betrayed Jesus
Answer: Judas
Level 11 Question: This Book Contains The Longest Verse In The Bible
Answer: Esther
Level 12 Question: Jesus Said, In The Beginning Was The _____ And The _____ Was With God And The _____ Was God.
Answer: Word
Level 13 Question: Jesus Said, Jesus Said To Him ‚i Am The Way And The _____ And The Life. No One Comes To The Father Except Through Me.
Answer: Truth
Level 14 Question: She Bore Abraham’s First Son
Answer: Hagar
Level 15 Question: He Traveled With Paul On His First Journey
Answer: Barnabas
Level 16 Question: She Was A Seller Of Purple In Acts
Answer: Lydia
Level 17 Question: Nt Book Written By Jesus’ Half Brother
Answer: James
Level 18 Question: Letter To The Jews And A Saints Hall Of Fame
Answer: Hebrews
Level 19 Question: Jesus Said, Blessed Are The _____ In Heart For They Shall See God.
Answer: Pure
Level 20 Question: Audio
Answer: Believe
Level 21 Question: The Shortest Book In Number Of Words
Answer: John
Level 22 Question: Ot Book That Reveals The Earth Is Round
Answer: Isaiah
Level 23 Question: Guess The Scene
Answer: Worship
Level 24 Question: Jesus Said, And He Said To Them ‚this Is My Blood Of The _____ Which Is Poured Out For Many.
Answer: Covenant
Level 25 Question: This King Was Killed By An Arrow In The Old Testament
Answer: Ahab
Level 26 Question: He Was Paul’s Protege In The Gospel
Answer: Peter

Logo Quiz Mediaflex Answers

Logo Quiz Mediaflex Answers.Mediaflex Games has come with quite an interesting version of the Logo Quiz game. You are given packs of different categories filled with 50 different logos each so the excitement will continue for a long time. Can’t find what you are looking for? Do not worry at all cause we’ve got you covered.

Below you will also find the answers and cheats for this game:
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Close Up Character Answers

Close Up Character Answers.Can you guess the character name from zoomed in pic in your favorite cartoon, comic book, movie or anime?Check out and guess the hidden movie name from close up pic, zoomed in photo or cartoon character to win!Hundreds of close up pic, cartoon character and posters to tease your brain. Try to guess them all!Close Up Character is a simple pop quiz game: Just guess the hidden character name from close up picture!

Below you will also find the answers and cheats for this game:
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PicTales Answers

PicTales Answers. Pictales 4 Pics 1 Word is an pic guessing game made by PlaySimple Games. The rules are the classic ones, you have 4 pictures in each level and your job is to find a word that links the 4 pictures. Solving the levels involves logical thinking, and most of the levels are easy to pass.

Below you will also find the answers and cheats for this game:
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PicTales: 4 Pics 1 Word Level 1 and Level 2 Answers

Answer 1: Bottle
Answer 2: Brain
Answer 3: Bread
Answer 4: Bush
Answer 5: Button
Answer 6: Cannon
Answer 7: Carwash
Answer 8: Cat
Answer 9: Chess
Answer 10: Coffee
Answer 11: Crash
Answer 12: Crush
Answer 13: Form
Answer 14: Formula
Answer 15: Island
Answer 16: Ladder
Answer 17: Library
Answer 18: Mailbox
Answer 19: Meditate
Answer 20: Mother
Answer 21: Planet
Answer 22: Ram
Answer 23: Shuffle
Answer 24: Tube
Answer 25: Wealth