Wordbrain Monkey Answers

Wordbrain Monkey Answers.This is a game for the true Word Genius! It starts very easy but gets challenging quickly. Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, see the puzzle collapse. Do it all in the correct way and order and you will be able to clear the grid.Be prepared for a very intriguing word puzzle game – sort of a Soduko and Candy Crush Saga twist on Ruzzle & Scramble.The game features 15 languages and there are 580 levels per language! Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few has!

Wordbrain Monkey Answers:

Wordbrain Monkey 1 – Crab, Padlock, Turtle, South, Unicycle, String
Wordbrain Monkey 2 – Cufflink, Straw, Toilet, Knife, Mushroom, Heel
Wordbrain Monkey 3 – Scales, Tv, File, Sword, Volcano, Whale, Stinger
Wordbrain Monkey 4 – Launch, Stereo, Whisper, Stilts, Square, Mouse
Wordbrain Monkey 5 – Cream, Peach, Target, Sofa, Spinach, Empty, Skis
Wordbrain Monkey 6 – Shoes, Peace, Wheeel, Slide, Church, Smile, Scarf
Wordbrain Monkey 7 – Eskimo, Onions, Shallow, Rope, Sheep, Bathroom
Wordbrain Monkey 8 – Drip, Piano, Tail, Japan, Bread, Cannon, Butcher
Wordbrain Monkey 9 – Ferry, Laugh, Fold, Mirror, Duckling, Birthday
Wordbrain Monkey 10 – Bald, Edge, Witch, Stripe, Postcard, Ruler, Plam
Wordbrain Monkey 11 – Twins, Milk, Egg, Eraser, Fruit, Pirate, Bite, Fly
Wordbrain Monkey 12 – Wink, Doctor, Tongue, Anvil,Laugh, eyring, Dog
Wordbrain Monkey 13 – Duckling, Igloo, Shout, Ruler, Edge, Gap, Period
Wordbrain Monkey 14 – Brush, Cheek, Bottle, Piano, Plate, Ferry, Rifle
Wordbrain Monkey 15 – Soup, Mountain, Sail, Mast, Jacket, Plum, Shower
Wordbrain Monkey 16 – Cemetery, Postcard, Lens, Pillar, Record, Sing
Wordbrain Monkey 17 – Umbrella, Dustbin, Big, Pancake, Overlap, Tent
Wordbrain Monkey 18 – Cookie, Milk, Football, Monkey, Shin, Bathroom
Wordbrain Monkey 19 – Lemon, Pliers, Magnet, Saw, Broom, Eat, Glue, Sock
Wordbrain Monkey 20 – Tennis, Kitten, Chainsaw, Rocket, Ship, Puzzle

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