Word Bubbles Starfish Answers

Word Bubbles Starfish Answers.Then you’ll love the concept of WordBubbles! Swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to connect each letter bubble and build specific hidden words. The game app is made by Apprope available on iTunes and Google Play.Some users claim there is a bug in the game. It’s not! If you can’t connect the letters it’s because you have solved the words in the wrong order! The solution? Restart the level by tapping the reset-button in the lower left corner, and try to solve the words in a new order! Good luck!Can you think outside the bubble? Start word-playing now and see how many levels you can beat!Below you will find the answers for the popular game Word Bubbles All Packs.

Word Bubbles Starfish Answers:

Level 141 walk pole crow fork
Level 142 tout pond monk come
Level 143 knot drop moon mace
Level 144 dear loom each gone
Level 145 goon mule tarp reef
Level 146 ploy fool lime pear
Level 147 post etch Pole leaf
Level 148 fall earn loss toss
Level 149 soot lamb near sing
Level 150 loot area feel fork
Level 151 duck pale Roads hat
Level 152 drink crib lost tan
Level 153 teeth grub tint one
Level 154 shirt buns tart ear
Level 155 twist soup raft rim
Level 156 team met blue drift
Level 157 feels stir meet all
Level 158 sleep seek mart fit
Level 159 least keys son port
Level 160 steel cart five pit five

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