Word Academy Skater Answers

Word Academy Skater Answers. Find all of the words and graduate from Word Academy!Enroll in Word Academy to unlock hundreds of grids made up of hidden words. The words in each grid have a theme and order.The game starts off easy, but the size and number of words increase as you play, and the order becomes more important and difficult.Below you will find the answers for all the packages of Word Academy Trivia game.

Word Academy Skater Answers :

Level 1 : Music Cooler Float
Level 2 : Powder Gloss Blush
Level 3 : Penguin Duck Chick
Level 4 : Chino Jean Trouser
Level 5 : Mango Prune Papaya
Level 6 : Weather Cloud Rain
Level 7 : Lizard Frog Turtle
Level 8 : Teaspoon Mixer Pan
Level 9 : Hammer Wrench Glue
Level 10 : Blouse Tank Blazer
Level 11 : Walker Chair Nurse
Level 12 : Camping Tent Sleep
Level 13 : Bank Teller Credit
Level 14 : Necklace Ring Cuff
Level 15 : Frisbee Dart Arrow
Level 16 : Kale Endive Sprout
Level 17 : Snake Goose Donkey
Level 18 : Scarf Jacket Glove
Level 19 : Giraffe Bear Zebra
Level 20 : Taxi Limo Cab Truck

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