Math Academy 4 x 4 Operations Answers

Math Academy 4 x 4 Operations Answers.The creator of the popular games 94%,94% Degrees and Word Academy Scimob has come up with the its latest amazing game called Math Academy.Find the right math operations and zero in to win !No need to be a math wiz, enroll in Math Academy and earn your diploma!The goal is simple: find mathematical operations that result in 0 to make all the squares in the grid disappear!It’s easy in the beginning, then grids will contain more and more numbers with several operations to find in the right order! You got Stucked? It’s not a bug! If you can’t clear out the grid, it’s either because you did the calculations in the wrong order, or you selected the wrong squares. In this case, start over using the “Refresh” button at the bottom left and try a new order. It is very simple and easy for the first levels but as levels pass it gets harder and harder.The first moment you download this beautiful game created by Scimob you will get amazed and won’t stop playing it.If you can’t find a specific level walkthroughs don’t worry below we have given you all the answers for this game.

Math Academy 4 x 4 Operations Answers

6×6/3+1-13 = 0

44/2×3+4-70 = 0

12-17×6/3+10 = 0

2-9×8/4+14 = 0


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