Letterpad Answers Levels 141-160

Letterpad Answers Levels 141-160.Letterpad gives you 9 letters. Your task? Find the hidden words relating to the puzzle topic!Work your way through over 200 puzzles.Create and share your own puzzles to stump your friends.New community made puzzles added regularly.Apple Watch support lets you play right on your wrist!

Letterpad Answers Levels 141-160:

Level 141 MUSEUM history, tour, art
Level 142 DISNEYLAND parade, park, ride, pay, kid, day
Level 143 FACEBOOK post, photo, tag, page, pets
Level 144 TWITTER rt, tweet, trend, at, read, rant
Level 145 BATTERY aa, aaa, c, d, charge, dc, car
Level 152 TENNIS ace, racket, court, out, run, tour, net, rank
Level 153 YOUTUBE watch, channel, cat, new
Level 154 HALLOWEEN night, ghost, fright
Level 155 4TH OF JULY boom, food, dog, cook
Level 156 CHRISTMAS tree, fire, feast, gift, figs, eat, greet, star
Level 157 EASTER egg, hide, ham, eat, hat
Level 158 ST. PATRICK’S irish, charm, bar, march
Level 159 VALENTINE’S DAY cherub, heart, card, red, date, care, dear
Level 160 LAS VEGAS cash, casino, show, hot, action, town, win, coin, hit, sit, act, sin

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