Letterpad Answers Levels 1-20

Letterpad Answers Levels 1-20.Letterpad gives you 9 letters. Your task? Find the hidden words relating to the puzzle topic!Work your way through over 200 puzzles.Create and share your own puzzles to stump your friends.New community made puzzles added regularly.Apple Watch support lets you play right on your wrist!

Letterpad Answers Levels 1-20:

Level 1 LIGHTHOUSE beam, light, emit, gale, lit, gleam
Level 2 FAST FOOD fast, fries, fat, soda, fried, roasted, side, diet, eat, ate
Level 3 PICNIC food, ants, date, sand, sat, eat
Level 4 CASTLE stone, old, moat, damsel, masoned, mead, meats, mold, slate, ale
Level 5 CITY street, cars, streetcar, terrace, career, rats, erect, arts
Level 6 OCEAN fish, coral, sailor, orca, roil, sail, shoal
Level 7 BEACH sand, waves, wind, views, wade, dive, sea, isle, seal, sail, island
Level 8 FOREST tree, fern, green, pine, fire, fir
Level 9 COOKING cook, flour, food, cool, curd, duck, fold, fork
Level 10 MOVIES romance, scream, actor, star, cam, act, monster, cameo, cast, censor, costar, oscar, rate, snore, arts, seat, can, set, score
Level 11 HOUSE yard, room, bedroom, dayroom, abode, adobe, board, door, dream, roomy, beam, bed
Level 12 SPORTS argue, brag, gear, grab, race, run, car, ace, fan, fun, ref, bag, bar
Level 13 GAMES play, dice, card, player, replay, race
Level 14 RAINFOREST vine, mist, ant, ape, native, nest, peat, vast, sap
Level 15 FLYING air, plane, aileron, plan, aisle, soar, spin, nap, nose, noise
Level 16 FARM barn, pig, hay, grain
Level 17 SCHOOL tutor, read, test, seat, date, start, art, dues, trade, state
Level 18 VACATION hotel, towel, tour, shower, hostel, house, show, route, shore, short
Level 19 PARTY music, dance, ice, names, dim, mic, am
Level 20 ZOO lion, sealion, bear, albino, learn, line, boar, bison, born, bars, boa, seal, raise

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