That Level Again Walkthroughs All Levels

That Level Again Walkthroughs All Levels.A small logic game where all levels are the same but ways to win are not.You are in the room with spikes, platform, a button and a door. Seems easy, doesnt it?

• 64 non-unique levels
• 64 unique ways to win
• And anew immortal hero that rises from the dead
• Easter eggs

That Level Again Walkthroughs All Levels

Level 1: Plain and Simple (0:00) – Push the the red button to open the door
Level 2: Try More (0:12) Push the red button 3 times to open the door
Level 3: Just press on it (0:24) – Tap the red button with your finger
Level 4: Press Harder (0:32) – Jump on the button from a higher platform
Level 5: Try Dying (0:44) – Jump into the spikes to die and the door will open
Level 6: Don’t touch it (1:06) – Don’t touch the red button
Level 7: Back (1:13) – Walk back into the previous level
Level 8: Shambles (1:16) – Walk to the door
Level 9: Faster faster faster (1:26) – Push the red button fast, several times, until the door is fully opened
Level 10: Another control (1:37) – Drag the character with your finger, first over the button and then trough the door
Level 11: Press pause (1:45) – Walk into the “pause” button in the top right corner of the screen
Level 12: Bad weather (2:03) – The wind will make you walk slower
Level 13: Knock Knock (2:19) – Tap the door several times to open it
Level 14: Don’t trust your eyes (2:27) – Walk over the red button and than trough the door (the door is an illusion you can walk trough it)
Level 15: Use telekinesis (2:34) – You can move the black platform with your finger…
Level 16: Sometimes you are Mario (2:45) – Go under the door and jump to break the floor with your head, than go trough the hole…
Level 17: Shabby door (2:55) – Jump into the door, from the lower platform, 3 times, and it will open.
Level 18: Save the Jumps (3:08) – You can jump only 2 times in this level, jump only when necessarily.
Level 19: Danger (3:24) – Dodge the spikes…
Level 20: Save your soul (3:35) – Stand on the button and press it with your finger to spell “SOS” in morse code.
Level 21: Moon (3:47) – the gravity is low, so be careful how you jump…
Level 22: Play with gravity (4:04) – gravity changes when you press the jump button.
Level 23: Ok. Just give up (4:14) – Pause the game, go to “Levels” menu and tap level 24.
Level 24: Like in the library (4:25) – Pause the game and turn off the music and sound effects
Level 25: Moon and one jump (4:37) – You have only 1 jump. First press the red button to open the door, than kill yourself. Now go under the button and use the jump to reach the door.
Level 26: It’s simple (5:10) – Takes a little practice but you can do it…
Level 27: Like a boll (5:32) – Another easy one..
Level 28: Try like this (5:42) – Another one you can do with practice…
Level 29: Something heavy (6:21) – Jump into the spikes above the red button to make them fall on the button.
Level 30: On the plane (6:42) – Put your phone into “Airplane Mode”
Level 31: Gravity fails (6:55) – Gravity is messed up in this level, you have to press the red button to open the door, it’s a hard level, watch the video to see how you should jump.
Level 32: Next Photo (7:54) – Walk over the red button, than slide the whole level to the left, with your finger.
Level 33: Right place to die (8:05) – Jump into the spikes below the red button
Level 34: Ping (8:18) – There is a delay between the time you press the buttons and when the characters moves, it’s a tricky level… watch the video for more info
Level 35: Pause bug (9:45) – Stay on the red button to open the door, than pause the game and while the game is paused walk trough the opened door.
Level 36: I am fainting (10:21) – Watch the video to see what to do.
Level 37: Retreat (11:04) – Wait for the door to open…
Level 38: Here you are zoomed really close
Level 39: Volume (11:34) – Turn the volume on your phone to the maximum
Level 40: Take it easy (11:45) – The control buttons slide on the screen, try to press them right…
Level 41: Stay on the button (12:40) – Just stay on the button, even after the door opens.
Level 42: One more button (12:55) – Walk on the red button, than pause the game, press the menu button and you will find another red button to press, than walk forward to play level 43.
Level 43: Traps (13:18) – Watch the video to see how to avoid the hidden traps.
Level 44: Touch your corpse (13:49) – Wall on the red button on top right and kill yourself on the button. Than press the middle button to open the door.
Level 45: Just one finger (14:04) – You can press only one button at a time…
Level 46: Secret way (14:14) – Press the red button and avoid being killed by the spikes platform, than jump on the platform when it goes back up.
Level 47: Upside down (14:29) – the level is turned upside down now, but is an easy one…
Level 48: Find my button (15:22) – Stand on the red button and pause the game, go to “Menu > Options” and you will find a big “Open the door” button.
Level 49: Magic world (15:44) – Just say something into the phone’s microphone.
Level 50: Vector (15:53) – You can move the character by drawing vector arrows from him.
Level 51: Hip hop (16:06) – The character jumps without a stop, you must plan your moves carefully… It takes a lot of practice to pass this one.
Level 52: Lift up (16:44) – You can lift the door up using your finger.
Level 53: Push (16:53) – Just walk into the door to push it.
Level 54: Wake up (17:03) – tap the character to wake him up.
Level 55: Fast (17:13) – the character moves really fast… but is not so hard to beat this level
Level 56: Door Menu (17:26) – Tap the door an hit ok to open it.
Level 57: L R U (17:37) – press LEFT – RIGHT – UP until you reach the door.
Level 58: Fillthe gap (17:49) – Walk in the space between “Fillthe” and “gap”
Level 59: Stuck in time (18:00) – Walk on the middle platform and press “Pause” button to make the red button appear.
Level 60: Back 2 (18:16) – pres the “back” button of your phone/tablet
Level 61: Self-operation (18:28) – the characters moves on it’s own, watch the video to see how you can press the red button and open the door.
Level 62: Password 1234 (18:50) – Go to “Level Select” menu and tap 1 2 3 4, than go back and the door will be opened.
Level 63: Earthquake (19:10) – you need to shake the phone…
Level 64: Hint (19:19) – Go on the red button, tap the “Hint” button in the top left corner, than choose to rate or not the game and the door will open.

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