Subway Surfers Cheats

Below you may find all the answers, cheats and solutions for one of the most popular games on the appstores, Subway Surfers.

About the Game

Parents need to know that Subway Surfers is an endless-runner game, much like Temple Run, but one that is much more lighthearted. Set in a train yard, players can run into oncoming trains, but no blood or gore is shown — and collisions with obstacles just results in you being caught by the guard. While in-app purchases are available, they’re not thrust upon players and aren’t really necessary, since earning coins is easy in the game. Players on iOS devices can share high scores via the Game Center social network, but participation is optional. Below you may find the Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers Cheats

A Free Past Board
This cheat gives you the Miami-Special Board for FREE! The instuctions of this cheat is the same as Time Travel Cheat.


  • Go to your device’s setting and change the date and time to “May 30, 2013.”
  • Open Subway Surfers and check your Boards Section.
  • See if you got the Miami-Special Board!
  • Note: This cheat may not work!


Jetpack-Jump is a glitch using a jetpack where you can jump really high if you jump at the right moment.


  • Pickup a Jetpack.
  • Right after the jetpack runs out of fuel, swipe up quickly.
  • See if you character, jumps in mid air.
  • Note: Swipe up quickly After you get the last coin.
  • Another Note: This glitch may also land you on top of the train.

Back Forward Run

Back Forward Run is a rather funny glitch that allow your chraracter to run backwards.


  • Buy or get in the Mystery Box a Mega Headstart.
  • Back Forward Run screenshot
  • Back Forward Run (PC)
  • Start playing and die in a few seconds you begin.
  • Just as you die, click on your headstart to activate it. You will fly back forward.
  • Note: It is very hard, so maybe you will need more than one try.
  • Another Note: Sometimes when you try to do it, it ends up occurring the “Moving Smoke” glitch.
  • Third Note: If you have an update less than Rio, you should use Headstart Instead?

Time Travel

Time Travel will allow you to buy removed limited edition characters, and other special mission with limited time, but note that the scene will not change.


  • Go to your device’s setting and click “Date and Time.”
  • Set the time on stuff you want in the chart below.

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